Nosferatu (1922 - film muet de Murnau)   -  Le cabinet du docteur Caligari  (1920 - film muet de Peter Wiene)

Faust  (1926 - film muet de Murnau)  -  La Roue  (1923 - film muet d'Abel Gance)


New musics   2011 - 2012 - 2013


My conceptions concerning the film music are very different of that I could hear until now : music for accompaniment, of enjoyment, which, with a few exceptions (whose some coming to my mind : Metropolis, nearly all  C. Chaplin, certain Wajda, Solaris, certain A. Hitchcock, all Werner Herzog, M. de Oliveira, F. Fellini,  J.L. Godard,  Woody Allen, Wim Wenders, R. Ruiz - listing not exhaustive) don't correspond to what I expect from it.


Music (a composed music,thoughtfull, expressive) may (and must, when it exists) bring enormously to the movie.


What a movie music must be, for me, as composer, working to express myself, : expressive, in parallel or in counterpoint, by anticipation, favoring psychological wefts, not illustrative, what ever in live or not , with sound research, as much as possible.
A silent movie, highly, really experimental would gain to be also sustained by a creative music.