Purple Kiss




First performance - Projection at FESTIVAL DU FILM COURT CÔTÉ COURT 2011 in Pantin.

Music for the experimental movie by Stéphane Marti



texts and voice : Vyva Diamss



2010 - 29 min



"Densité fulgurante surgie de je sais quelle planète"

A seraphic and carnal incarnation of the baroque vibration named Vyva (at the same time Queen of Sheba, Lunar Pythie , Woman-spider and Marie-Madeleine) offer kisses, caresses and jewels to a man taken out of her box to dreams, then looks at him dance as an oriental angel on Earth.

Haunting and sacred music, whispering texts, sounding, volutes for an invitation in the journey and contemplation towards unexpected territories, besides worlds of the sensory perception.