First performance : 1998 in Paris, Paysaginaire concert


35 min


It results from three meetings with a saxophon player (Dante Feijoo) and two sculptors (Marhino Jaïldo and Paul Flury).

Marhino sculpts, in live performance, a prepared marble piece. The initial aspect, very rhythmical, linear, captures the light more and more as the work is going on. The insistant noise of the hammer is disturbed by the random falling stone chips…and…the music composition…


Around him, metallic sculptures of Paul have been elaborated with the intention of resonating acoustically, but also intended as symbols. Set or hung, imposing or discrete, these sounding sculptures are carved with words of philosophical meaning.


The sound of the saxophon alto invades us, as soon as Dante begins to play, from a long breath control to a huge multiphonic continious sound.




Composition : 1998 in Paris,  Paysaginaire concert


20 min


My deep interest in ethnomusicology emphasized by the reading of the book of Gilbert Rouget La Musique et la Transe, led me to compose a musical imaginary ceremony.

Certain descriptions of events, certain terms used by the writer in particular, had deep effects on me, and involved some sounds we can hear along this composition.

The meeting with the dancer and musician originated from Congo Jean Loulendo, twenty years ago, has been important too. All instrumental sounds have been recorded with him.

The transformation work has been obtained while studying in 1995-1996  at UPIC studios (Créteil - France).