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En confidence



En confidence



from extracts of La femme de papier, text by Françoise Rey   (©Françoise Rey)


First performance : 2005 in Paris by Daniel Kientzy and Reina Portuondo

for narrator, sopranino, soprano, bass saxophons and acousmatic part prerecorded.


.narrator: Reina Portuondo  
instrumental soloist: Daniel Kientzy


A strange state of mind arised from the very soft subtlety I feeled while reading this book.
 Some exiting aspects are associated with moving sounding spaces, a little bit blurred or, on the contrary, very intimate.

A ritual and peculiar process illuminates the playing of the saxophonist which is involved in the erotic confidence.
The text has not been transformed, only with spatial effects. 
So the voice is often intimate.



acousmatic extract