Duo soli

Duo Soli


Duo Soli


Composition : 2005,  inspired by graphism of J.P. Hamon


21 min


dedicated to my three children: Solène, Marine and Amaël.


From cellar to cellar, through an apparently random development, every sign (every chromosome ?) creates new relationships, new balanced or unbalanced shapes. An organisation is gradually percieved; a logical of growing organizes each new element.

Does it form a motion or a trajectory ? 
A spatial structure comes from the evolving primary cellars. 
A scenic… spatial structure ?
 Some entities take form, unconscious memories built up instantaneously or more arduous through a large breathing.

A poetic inspiration is spreading, sometimes serene, sometimes agitated. Some vocal sounds appear here and there, phonems coming from an energy greedy for expression.
 The figures are distorted by my imagination, lying down on an horizontal line.
 The are expanding, as we try to predict their gradual changing evolution.