Avant le cri

Avant le cri





Avant le cri

First performed : 1994 Paysaginaire concerts.

One extract wan the Trophée de bronze of Concours international

Faust 94 in Toulouse.(France)

Also edited  byr Paysaginaire - PAYSA9810


12 min


dedicated to my daughters, Solène and Marine

As early as five months old, the foetus perceives his close acoustical proximity and all these perceptions will condition its future behaviour.

Silence doesn't exist.

Some aural experiences are developing too.
The understanding of this isolated, dark and sensorial space constitutes an underestimated truth of life.




First performed : 1994 in Crest,  Futura international festival


Also edited  by MOTUS M306010


8 min


dedicated to my daughters, Solène et Marine

A constant mystery, may be perpetual: the division of the single cell is amazing for the scientist, for the poet, for the musician, for all people who try to find a explanation. If the "how?" question is understandable, the whys are still a challenge. The dividing cell corresponds in fact to a multiplication, a development of the human being.
All the possibilities are present, before the first division. Each event exists with a original appearance, then gets a relative autonomy, along with its controlled growing.