First performed : 2006 at International Festival Futura in Crest (Drôme - France)

played again at  Auditorium 104 of Maison de la Radio  in Paris


15 min


posthumous tributed to 
Jamel Eddine Bencheikh Februar 2006



Constitued by forms, pictures, sounds, sequences, feelings, smells, time streching, fragmentary events, emotional snapshots,
 accessible according to our state of receptiveness, our effort of will, 

comes closer,
appears suddenly,
 becomes essential inside sounding evolving sequences more or less dense, soft or violent

 sustaining some fugitive, obscure, ununderstandable, complex, abrupt, noisy interventions

, most of them coming from previously composed sonorities (in La Mémoire du Son, Lambeaux, Douze Miniatures, Glyphaï) 
already attached to an other world.


1 – Ebauches 5.21 min

2 – Tourbillon 4.45 min

3 – La Présence 4.52 m