vignette Faust



New music for





New music for Faust by Murnau

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Extract 1



Marguerite collapsed on the snow, her baby, dead.

She screams.

Rape zoom  - Sound of drums  in anticipation.

Then, in her cellar, strange smiles, rockings, shouts of children-memory, dance-memoty in the garden.



Extract 2



She is led to the stake. This time, prolifereted drums, inexorable.

Faust rushes in front of her knees - crescendi suite with sharp tense thread - several layers in semitones.

"Marguerite !" shouts Faust. The stake burns. Faust joins her and implores her forgiveness.

Ultimate kiss.

Assistance on the knees.

Sounding balance of different layers modifies permanently.


LIEBE  (Love)

The end